Chemicals in our Daily Lives

You may not know it but most people walk through a minefield of harmful chemicals every day.  Not seen, heard or felt, the average person has no idea their body is continually assaulted or outright invaded by chemicals used in everyday manufacturing.

Basically a chemical is any substance consisting of matter.  The air you breathe, the ice cube you drop in your beverage and a glass of pure water are all chemicals.  Of course, these aforementioned chemicals are completely harmless with some being absolutely necessary to maintain existence.  It was the basic drive that humans possess to make the world an easier and better place to live that gave rise to the manufacture of more and more harmful products.  For uncounted millennia mankind has been combining different materials in a noble effort to tame nature, going as far back as 4000 BCE when we learned to combine copper and tin to form bronze, a much stronger and tougher metal alloy.

This penchant for making life better and easier culminated with the Industrial Revolution, begun in the 18th century.  But as the march to progress became relentless so did the lack of consideration of the consequences of providing stronger, more powerful and supposedly more beneficial chemicals. Dyes, enhancers and preservatives to name a few. Today more than 400 million tons of hazardous waste are produced each year.  And some of them become entrenched in your body every day stored in the fatty tissues and organs without you even knowing it.  Arsenic, a by- product of agriculture and glass production is released into ground water.  Benzene is released into the atmosphere through gasoline vapors and automobile exhaust.  Toluene is used in solvents and petroleum products. And pesticides, used in industrial scale agriculture, accumulate through water runoff and find their way into water supplies.

In an effort to stem the tide and slowly reverse this trend, people like Judy Ryan PT opted to eliminate harmful chemical combinations from the products she offered to patient’s she treats in her private practice (diabetes-cancer-wound care) and the services she offers.  A seminal moment in her career occurred during a hospital based clinical aromatherapy program held in Harrisburg, Pa., 15 years ago. During one of the classes offered in the nursing certificate program based on researched backed, plant based botanical medicine- a professor approached every student and handed each one a small clove of garlic and instructed all to take off a shoe, put the clove in the shoe, and put the shoe back on.  Then he began his lecture on dermal absorption. Within 20 minutes every student in the room could taste garlic in their mouth!  The professor had given them a powerful demonstration of how a chemical, in this case garlic, can traverse through the human body.

You can rest easy knowing that all our products and services use only natural and organic products from the purest sources….including 100% therapeutic grade essential oils harvested from all over the world.

Judy Ryan