Create balanced, healthy skin with an organic & natural facial care routine matched to your unique skin type! Our esthetician will perform a thorough examination of your skin and recommend just the right care routine & care products to promote healthy vibrant skin.

Our freshly prepared line of products are based on medical research promoting healthy skin and are blended to meet the specific needs of normal, oily, dry and sensitive/combination skin. Our products are free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, chemical enhancers and preservatives. We select the finest ingredients from around the world and blend them with great care to create products that deeply nourish, comfort and protect the body.  We pair these freshly prepared products dedicated to services that will promote the health of the largest organ of the body, the skin!

Natural & Organic Facial Care Menu

A Healing Touch Signature Facial

60 Minutes | $90 • Series of 3 | $243  •  Series of 6 | $432

75 Minutes | $120 • Series of 3 | $297 •  Series of 6 | $528

Incorporates deep cleansing with rich botanicals, exfoliation, extractions (as necessary), European massage, a pore cleansing deep mask, finished with hydrating moisturizer. Skin is left glowing and smooth.

Ultimate Relaxation Facial with Aromatherapy

75 minutes | $120 • Series of 3 | $297  •  Series of 6 | $528

A real treat for your skin and your senses! Relieves stress and improves overall well being by combining all the cleansing and toning of our Signature Facial with the highest pharmaceutical grade essential oils. Warmed towels and steam treatment infused with essential oils elevates the experience while imparting vital phytonutrients that stimulate the skin’s natural healing abilities.

Exfoliating Enzymatic Facial

60 minutes | $95  •  Series of 3 | $255 • Series of 6 | $456

Highly recommended for skin that is dull, dry & congested. All the elements of our signature facial come together with the added benefit of a mask containing fruit enzymes to gently remove excess build-up of dead skin cells. This facial removes cellular debris and nourishes with phytonutrients to impart a radiant, healthy glow.

Balancing Acne Relief Facial

60 minutes | $90   •  Series of 3 | $243   •  Series of 6 | $432

This facial combats and soothes congested or acne skin using high-frequency to eliminate bacteria trapped in follicles, followed by deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, calming mask and hydration.

Restorative European Lymphatic Facial

75 minutes | $120 • Series of 3 | $324 •  Series of 6 | $576

This facial features deep cleansing steam with medical grade essential oils, exfoliation, detoxifying mask, lymphatic drainage and ending with application of a botanical moisturizer chosen just for you, packed with fresh phytonutrients.

Toning Aromatic Facial

40 minutes | $55 • Series of 3 | $149 •  Series of 6 | $264

Skin is cleansed with organic cleanser, deeply nourished with custom mask, then warmed towels are soaked in essential oils and applied to face, ending with a deep nourishing botanical moisturizer.

Relaxing Mini Facial

40 minutes | $55 •  Series of 3 | $149 • Series of 6 | $264

This facial is designed to promote relaxation with a deep nourishing mask, warmed towels soaked in pure essential oils & sea salts, followed by detoxifying lymphatic massage.

Satin SmoothSculpt Face & Body Contouring

Please contact us for customized pricing.

This system offers a holistic approach to help contour and tighten skin on all areas of the face and body. The treatment utilizes pressure to interact with the skin’s ECM (Extracellular Matrix - located between blood vessels, nerves & organelles in basement membrane of the skin). This gentle pulsating pressure promotes lymphatic drainage by relieving blockages and stagnation in ECM (the skin’s natural filter). It also supports blood flow and collagen stimulation to plump and firm the skin. These body enhancing technologies are paired to medical grade essential oils & botanical ingredients that are based on scientific studies to promote renewal of healthy skin.


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