Benefits of Dry Shampoo

Ever go camping and find that the showers (if there are any) had filthy floors and walls? The only way to safely bathe was to wear flip flops while showering. I even remember some of my girlfriends dousing their hair with baby powder. This not only hastened their departure from a less than sanitary situation but it also saved their hair from becoming overly-oily by absorbing any excess oils in the scalp and on hair follicles. They would dry themselves off and then vigorously brush the baby powder out of their hair. What they were doing was using a dry shampoo which has been growing in popularity with many different brands available.

Why the sudden increase in popularity? Because presently most beauty experts recommend washing hair less frequently in order to promote healthy hair. The other obvious benefit is that it’s a timesaver. Trying to beat the clock every day to get to the office on time has been become an art form in 21st century America. Rather than expending the extra 20-30 minutes washing, drying, styling and brushing using wet shampoo you can use the dry version in 1/3 the time and still look fabulous! Lengthen the life of your blowout by using it between washes.

What is dry shampoo and how does it work? It works by absorbing excess oil from the scalp and hair and can come in 3 different forms, a powder, a liquid or an aerosol. It is definitely not meant as a replacement for wet shampoos. It’s more a means of lengthening the time between washes. Organic versions are also now available which use ingredients which are all natural, such as African Fire Tulip which prevents hair color from fading by coating it in protective antioxidants. Some also employ Biodynamic Red Vine which protects hair from free radical damage. Others use color protective Amino Acid Complex, a botanical based blend which prevents oxidative stress and keeps hair looking vibrant.

As always stay away, if at all possible, from dry shampoos which contain Parabens, SLS, Petroleum, Phthalates or artificial colorants. Aerosol versions of dry shampoo have also come under fire as possibly having a damaging effect on the ozone layer of the earth’s atmosphere which protects humans from some of the sun’s more harmful rays.

How about a fun and easy use for dry shampoo? You can easily make your own doggie dry shampoo using combinations of corn starch and baking powder. Instead of watching Brutus thrashing around frantically in a tub of water making an honest to goodness mess, just liberally coat him with a dry shampoo version and brush completely out. He’ll look better and best of all, smell better. Sounds easy? It is.

Judy Ryan