Organic vs. Non Organic Hair Care Products

Men and women have been using hair care products for uncounted centuries but it has only been the last century or so that products hit the market using harmful chemicals which can attack follicles and scalp. Before the industrial revolution, believe it or not, there were quite a few hair products in use that women and men today could use safely. Early native American women and men, as they aged, resisted going gray partly due to aloe vera, which was an essential element in their diet. Today aloe vera gel, when applied directly to the hair, possesses great strengthening properties. It can also be used to relieve a sunburned scalp.

Tropical climates such as Hawaii and Polynesia have for centuries used awapuhi flowers, which only grow in tropical climes. These flowers produce a gel that has been used in hair for its strengthening properties.

Chinese women from the Guangxi province of southern China have been using fermented rice water as a shampoo for many years and are known for their exceptionally long hair which stays black well into their 80’s. After boiling rice the water is left to ferment for several days and presto, a valuable natural hair care shampoo.

Most over the counter hair care products sold today contain toxins that you should avoid if at all possible. They contain Sodium Laurel Sulfates, Propylene Glycol (Antifreeze), Mureth Sulfate and Olefin Sulfonate (Deodorized Kerosene). Remember….these products are on your scalp and your brain is directly below the scalp.

Don’t forget that anything you put on your hair is coating your hair strands which eventually leads to product build up. Over time, using synthetic products will weaken your hair.

Organic products may be a bit more expensive but are much better for you and the environment. Don’t forget the excess goes down the drain and eventually into the water table thus using anything toxic can’t be good for the environment.

Also keep in mind that most companies that offer these products and services are small businesses. Small businesses tend to strive to make the world a better place which is one of our goals.