Lymphatic Drainage Massage

One of the most important networks in the human body is the lymph system. Everyone has heard of it but few understand how it works or what it does for the health of every human being. A series of small bean shaped structures found throughout the body that are part of the human immune system, they are critical in filtering out harmful toxins. The system consists of hundreds of these structures that use a substance called lymphatic fluid that contains lymphocytes, or white blood cells, that not only filter out toxins but help fight infections or disease. Think of each “bean” as a military checkpoint which halt bacteria and infectious agents at the gate. But when too many accumulate at the gate the gland can become swollen, a warning that it is working hard to fight the battle.

When the system encounters too much toxin or bacteria the flow of lymphatic fluid can become impaired, resulting in a condition known as lymphedema. Recognizing someone with lymphedema is not difficult. An entire leg or arm, right down to the fingers and toes, are visually very swollen. Most causes of this condition can usually be traced to factors such as surgery, radiation treatment for cancer, an infection, obesity or rheumatological disorders.

A good lymphatic drainage massage is a very useful preventative which will keep the lymph system healthy and flowing properly. At our spa, A Healing Touch at IPT, our 2 certified lymphatic drainage massage therapists employ a gentle massage technique that assists in moving lymph fluid from swollen areas into other places where your lymph system is working properly. Just a few of the benefits of this technique are: alleviating edema (an abnormal accumulation of fluid in various tissues of the body), strengthens immunity by stimulating white blood cell production, relieves tension and stress by triggering the parasympathetic nervous system which is known to relax muscles and slow the heart, enhances skin health by improving the circulatory system and improves breastfeeding.

All these wonderful effects of this treatment also can be taught to the average person. At A Healing Touch our trained staff has given lectures and demonstrations to groups of people on how to perform rudimentary lymphatic massages on themselves. Taking a few minutes while in the shower to improve lymph circulation can only lead to a healthier life and balance in body and mind.

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Judy Ryan