Toenail Health and the Right Polish

A lot of women today are faithful patrons of gyms that offer tailored routines that include extra vigorous workouts. While few are aware of it, the s pounding your feet endure during extensive training can go unnoticed until well afterA lot of women today are faithful patrons of gyms that offer tailored routines that include extra vigorous your regimen has been completed. If, by chance, your toenails have nail polish on them, this  constant, repetitive pressure on the feet, toes and nails can lead to polish wearing off or cracking. Even though you’re wearing the right workout shoes, mainly sneakers, along with socks, the friction and constant rubbing can have a deleterious effect on the finish of your pedi. Most nail techs will tell you that the length of the toenail should be just beyond the skin boundary.  Any longer and the risk of nail cracking and toe problems increases.

Our nails are composed mostly of keratin, a structural protein, which also makes up hair and the outer layer of skin. It enables cells to adhere to one another and also forms a protective layer on the outside of the skin. Common toenail complaints as we age include dryness, discoloration or a thickening of the nail itself. It is mainly a female complaint, most likely due to years of applying polish and the use of acetone polish removers. If at all possible the use of products containing formaldehyde, acetone or toluene should be discontinued. Make an effort to use products containing natural ingredients.

It just so happens that at our facility, A Healing Touch at IPT, we offer a safe alternative to shellac based polishes. Lasting 2+ weeks, our trained nail techs offer a healthier, higher shine that is chip free. Whereas shellac is strictly a permanent polish, our system is a treatment with vitamins to promote healthy nails and growth. It is a 5 star rated system that boasts over 150 curable colors and is not tested on animals and is free of any toxic chemicals such as DBP, toluene, formaldehyde or camphor.

You may be thinking this all sounds wonderful but what about nail polish remover. “Are your nail techs going to use that smelly acetone remover on my nails?” We get asked that question a lot and our answer is always the same. We use a soybean oil based remover that has no smell at all. This formula actually nourishes the nail bed instead of drying it out. As a matter of fact first time clients are shocked when they first witness the remover being opened. They immediately say, “that can’t be nail polish remover.” This product is non toxic, non carcinogenic, free of any petroleum ingredients and derived from farm crops.

At A Healing Touch at IPT it is not considered a nail appointment.  You will be engaged in a nail “experience!” 

Judy Ryan